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Sunni's Fantage Blog

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Sunni's Fantage Blog

Post by xSunni-Saurus:3 on Sat Aug 20, 2011 4:41 am

Welcome to my fantage blog! Almost everyday, I will be writing a short//long entry of fantage, and stuff. :3 Here's today's entry! ;D

Dear Fantage Readers,

I am on level 517! I'm a premium member.. Razz My rank is Major Leaguer! ;D I can't wait to be a Fantage Guru. [: Hoping to get to level 600 on September 1! :3

I have 3 pages of medals! ;; 38 medals. [; Here are some of my big ones. Top Models Inc Fashion Show Stats; Top Model, Level 29, 45 Wins, 225 Games Played, 25502 Model Points. • Fantage Sticker Fanatic: Level 71, 13140 Sticker Points, 1310 Stickers Given. • Game Medal: Level 39, BUZZER BEATER 1st, WILD RACER 1st, AD LIKE MAD 1st, WILD RUMBLE 1st, PUTT PUTT REVOLUTION 10th, STARIES 10th, FISH FISH 10th, BOXY 2nd, FRUIT STACK 2nd, JELLY FISHIN' 2nd, MOUSE OUT 2nd, STACK TAC TOE 2nd, TYPE BOO 2nd, MEMORY MIXUP 2nd, WILD BRAINIES 2nd, SECRET LAND 2nd, EXTREME SNOWBOARD 3rd, GALAXY HERO 5th, WHACK A VEGGIE 5th, BOBO FISH 5th, CANDY SWAP 6th, BUBBLE BUG 6th, GO CART 8th, JIGSAW JIGSAW 8th, SECRET ADVENTURE 9th • Pet Treat Medal: 232 Treats Collected, Level 8. • Quest Master: MAXED!

I have ALL the Rares, Very Rares, Ultra Rares, and almost all Legendaries. I really want moonstones.. The items look so cool. [; I'm hoping to get all the Legendary Items by September 4!

I have ALL the pets! Even Ribbon pets! :3 Also I have 9 gold medals. (: Jimbo, Beami, Lolo, Bubu, Chloe, Bella, Feebi, Elli, Robo all have gold medals. Yayy! [=

Did you see the new Secret Adventure Items? I just got ALL of them! They're so fashionable and pretty... 0: I like the Belinda costume the best.. x)

Hope you liked my entry! :] ~Sunni


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Re: Sunni's Fantage Blog

Post by Maybear209!!! on Sat Aug 20, 2011 4:50 am

lol, that is ALOT of blogging, good for ya sunni. Very Happy
good that ya had a good day. Razz and yeah...
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