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Sunni's Feedback

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Sunni's Feedback

Post by xSunni-Saurus:3 on Fri Aug 19, 2011 8:40 am

Hi! :3 This is my feedback! Wanna read? Fine with mee.. Razz


May- OMG, my sweetest little orange bear pal! Yay You're so nice, one of my best friends! I appreciate all your hard work on the forum, really! (: Thanks for everything, i mean it. :3 Kiss LYLAS<3

Abi- Wow!! I've known you for a long time! Bestie!<3 Thanks for being there for mee and yeah.. (: I can always count on you.. thanks for holding such a great friendship with me[; Lylas<33

Lizzie- Hey mahh pal! (: You're fantastic at graphics! You've improved.. a lot! I love your personality :3 You're soo sweet and mahh bestie! [; Yay ILY [=

Jenny- ohmigosh!! BESTIE FOREVER<3 You're fun, cool, smart! You have a unique personality and I like that [; Kiss I've known you for a long time and yet our friendship continues forever Yay LYLAS!!!<3

SuLin- Hii[: You're a great friend and an awesome anime luverr<33 You have a super nice personality and i just luvv it(: One of my fave friends:3

Princess- You're a great member of this forum, I really appreciate you being active [; Yay I've only known you for about 2 days but i think we've got a great friendship ahead of us :3

Brooke- I don't remember much about you ): But we've been friends for a long time..<3 You have an awshumm personality. [: You're fun to talk to..:3 And im just confused why I dont remember a lot about you...]: <3

Jane- I just want to say that you have a super duper nice heart. :3 You are active and kind. Thanks for being a great friend... ILY<33

Clare- You are amazin' at graphics, lemme tell ya. <3 You have a super kind heart..[: And you're very outgoing :3 Thanks for being a great pal! Yay

Jessica- Hmm... I don't remember much about you.. But we're like really close friends.. o: You're one of the friendliest people I've ever met! (: I appreciate that. Thanks for being my pal [; Kiss

April- Don't know you much, but may I just say you have a kind heart :3 You're so nice and friendly!! o: Mmhm, thanks for everything. ;D

Hazel- Do I really have to write a comment for ya?? Can I just text it.. :3 Fine... Well here it is :: you're my best friend EVER! Thats all i have to say o:

Fantage City

I luvv this forum<33 I think it turned out pretty good. 0: I like all the members here[; And without every single one of you, I would be lonely.. :3


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Re: Sunni's Feedback

Post by Maybear209!!! on Fri Aug 19, 2011 7:41 pm

Oh! That is so sweet of you, Sunni. Thanks!!! Razz and NP. Lol, it means ALOT, thank you again for everything, Sunni and others.
This is one of the best and only fantage only related forums I have joined. Razz
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Chatbox Moderator

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Re: Sunni's Feedback

Post by JanePuffyy;D on Fri Aug 19, 2011 8:43 pm

Wow!! Yay Nice feedback :] Thnxx.. Kiss


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Re: Sunni's Feedback

Post by Sponsored content

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